Will the Cirque be Unbroken? … And Other Stuff

Now Playing: Still Be Around, by Uncle Tupelo. “Walked and breathed many a cancerous mile, where the bat of an eye is too slow to beat the coffin. They won’t tell it on the TV, they can’t say it on the radio. They pay to move it off the shelf and into our minds until you can’t tell the truth when it’s right in front of your eyes.”

I went to see Cirque du Soleil Totem last night with Austin. We left at halftime (they like to call it intermission).

What did I think of the show? Three words: WOW, SHAMWOW and SHAZAM! Emphasis intended.

They say the show’s about the evolution of the human race, from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly.

Here’s what I say to that. One word: Whatever.

Because the story, if there really is one, doesn’t matter. What matters are the jaw-dropping tricks and stunts. The trampolining, the ring tossing and spinning, the unicyclists with their bowl tossing, the cloth twirlers, the gymnastics, the funky but good music. You get the idea. I certainly didn’t leave at halftime because I was bored. It’s  just the getting up at 4:30 thing and the general lack of sleep the past two days was catching up with me.

Two things: The stories and tickets say the show is at The Grand Chapiteau (and doesn’t that sound more elegant than the Big Top) at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Taint so. It’s at the drag strip across the street. The other thing, there’s either no real food (though they did have free popcorn and soda), though you could buy candy, chips, beer and wine, I think. And they did have cupcakes out at intermission. Or else I couldn’t find the food. Which isn’t likely.

All of which is to say, the Cirque show isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen/heard/experienced. In a really good way.

Here’s the … And Other Stuff

I wasn’t happy when the Republicans won control of the General Assembly, though I did think it was a good thing to wrest the state from under the thumb of Marc Basnight, who ran the state Senate for entirely too long. It wasn’t even that I disagreed with him on most stuff, it was just that he had become a Cult of Personality, as the Soviets used to say. I do miss the wisdom of Joe Hackney running the House, though.

But anyway, here’s what the dumbasses that run our legislature think is important right now, staring right down the barrel of a $2.4 billion budget deficit. Picking a fight with the federal government over health-care reform. Throwing out end-of-course testing for high-school students, even when a REPUBLICAN superior court judge has told them it’s unconstitutional. Making it easier to take weapons to parks, restaurants and workplaces. All the while licking their lips at the prospects of laying off teachers and college professors and cutting pre-school programs.

Of course the Republicans aren’t the only stupid ones about guns. Remember at the Giffords shooting when U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler, the Waynesville Democrat – really he should either called a Dumb-o-crat or a Demo-publican – said he was going to be packing after that to insure his safety. What does he think he’d do when shots started flying? Pull his piece, draw down and start firing into the crowd? That’s what we’ve got running this country.

NFL owners have done the impossible. They’ve made players the heroes of a labor dispute. The greed and stupidity of owners – and I’m talking about you, Jerry Richardson – has been astounding. They’ve had by far the best working agreement of all professional sports, the one that made their sport sustainable – unlike baseball and basketball and I ain’t so sure about hockey, either. But it’s just not enough, is it?

Monday was Dean Smith’s birthday. What better present for El Deano than a win tomorrow against the Evil Empire. By a team he’d be most proud of, with its unselfishness and resilience. Go get ’em boys.

“Good and evil. There is never one with the other.” – Merlin, who had to be referencing the Heels and them scumbags from eight miles down the road.


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