Don’t Mean to Say I Told You So … And Other Stuff

Now Playing: Bargain, by The Who. “I’d pay any price just to win you, Surrender my good life for bad, To find you I’m gonna drown an unsung man. I’d call that a bargain, The best I ever had.”

Ever notice that when people say don’t mean to say I told you so, they say I told you so. And when they start a sentence with “No offense, but …” they offend you. Well, not to say I told you so, but I told you that Bank of America would make you pay for their decision to “help” consumers by eliminating overdraft fees. No offense intended, but BofA is robbing you – regardless of how well you manage your finances – to make up for the money it’s losing by catering to people who don’t. And you know what? Offense was intended.

What Bank is doing is eliminating most free checking, something it has wanted to do for ages. But couldn’t. Because its henchmen in the industry wouldn’t go for it.

Now they all are looking for ways to recoup those overdraft fees. Hard to imagine someone in the industry not feeding on the carcass that is you and me.

Oh, there will be ways to get around it. By getting a bank credit card (which will have a fee or an exorbitant interest rate – and let’s not forget that Bank is the nation’s second-largest credit-card company – or having a bank debit card – which likely will land you a charge for both not using enough or for using too much, etc.

Yeah, I definitely meant to offend.

Here’s the And Other Stuff.

Well, it appears South Carolina may not have the dumbest politicians in the nation after all. And it appears that the 8th Congressional District doesn’t have the dumbest candidate – including the incumbent – in North Carolina’s congressional races. (That’s the race where the state GOP chairman says the leading vote-getter in May isn’t fit for office. And his opponent is a former sportscaster stuck for an answer when asked about policy. And the incumbent is a nitwit who rode the president’s coattails in 2008 to defeat an equally pathetic Republican sitting congressman.)

No, it appears the crown of being the stupidest congressional candidate in the state – worse even than Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-Blowing Rock, an embarrassment to this fine state on many an occasion, or Rep. Sue Myrick, R-Charlotte, who sees Muslim conspiracies behind every door – goes to Bill Randall, who was the leading Republican vote-getter in the 13th Congressional District. Randall suggests that President Obama and BP conspired to cause the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

Yeah, right. BP wanted to sabotage its share price, pay $20 billion, be the target of national scorn. The president wanted to prompt massive criticism and cause an environmental disaster. Sure.

Mind you, Randall says he has no proof of this conspiracy. He just thinks it should be investigated. Of course, he’s just parroting the loonies at Fox News, who apparently also have suggested this, and that font of wisdom, and by wisdom I mean bullshit, Rush Limbaugh.

Like I said, at this point I think we’re looking up at South Carolina. Which is not a place you want to be.

Dr. Allenby: “This won’t hurt a bit (Sticks Chance with a needle).” Chance the Gardner: “It did hurt.” _ Being There


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