Father’s Days … And Other Stuff

Now Playing: The World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico. I like the host team, but I’m rooting for El Tri.

Most dads look forward to Father’s Day. I’m looking forward to Father’s Days. I’ll explain.

Last year, my lovely, talented and brilliant – hope that gets me off the hook for what’s to come – wife, the mother of my kids, light of my life, etc., goofed up and gave me my Father’s Day stuff a week early. I was a bit puzzled that morning, but I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t Father’s Day that Sunday (my dad died many years ago, so I didn’t really keep up with the date of the holiday). What finally gave it away were the fliers in the Sunday papers – all urging folks to go out and buy their Father’s Day stuff.

Karen was embarrassed, but it was good for me. I got to be celebrated twice. After all, it wouldn’t have been fair to the kids not to celebrate on the real day, ight?

So of course I’ve let it be known this year that I want two celebrations again (I really am quite insufferable at times). I call them Father’s Day Un and Father’s Day Deux. Un is coming up this year.

I may be disappointed, though. Not sure Karen’s buying my argument.

Here’s the And Other Stuff: Gotta a lot of good comments on my torturing the kids entry yesterday, both from fans of Zeppelin and from fans of torturing their children. Talk about a warm feeling.

In the World Cup, I’ll root for the U.S., but I can’t say I really like many of our players. They seem kinda snotty and self-important. In fact, I think that’s part of the problem. They spend more time trying to look cool than busting their arses for team and country. My favorite team is Spain. I like their style and admire their players, particularly Cesc Fabregas. (I mainly just love that name.)

Chances are the U.S. will be gone before it has to play Spain, so I won’t have any kind of conflict.



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