A Pain in the Neck

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Tiger Woods says he has one. All of a sudden. After failing to make the cut last week in Charlotte and not being in the hunt at TPC Sawgrass, he quit on the seventh hole yesterday, saying he has been in pain since before his comeback at the Master’s.



I admired Tiger’s skill before the scandal, I still do when he displays it. But I’ve never been crazy about him.

Who knows what he’s really like, but he doesn’t appear like he ever has any fun. And he’s never seemed to really like golf. Or at least he finds a reason not to play whenever he can (particularly if the money ain’t big enough). Don’t mean to psychoanalyze the guy, but maybe being pushed so hard at an early age by his “sainted” father wasn’t so good for him in the long run.

He just always has kind of made the world crawl to his tune. Tournament directors had to beg and plead to get him to play, and then they never knew in time to really help ticket sales because Tiger always waited until the deadline to declare whether he was in or out. Until his “comeback,” he’s never been fan-friendly. (And by the way, is anyone but the sycophant golf writers who cover the PGA Tour fooled by this change?)

Now he’s hurt. After weeks of denying it.

But you won’t read any skepticism from the golf-writing fraternity. Like Tour officials, they’re too convinced that Tiger is golf.

Well, look around guys. You kinda missed a pretty damn exciting final round at Quail Hollow, with 20-year-old Rory McIlroy shooting a 62 to win. Then yesterday, Tim Clark (a former N.C. State guy, no less) mounted a record comeback at The Players Championship to win his first event. Great finishes both, by interesting guys.  (And that’s not even counting Phil Mickelson’s emotional win at Augusta.) Why not a little more coverage of who did win instead of who didn’t?

All Tiger all the time is irritating enough when he’s winning. When he ain’t it just gives me a Pain in the Neck.

“A man’s moral conscience is the curse he had to accept from the gods in order to gain from them the right to dream.” _ William Faulkner



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