What I Thought of Iron Man 2

Good but not great. Not as good as the original. But well worth seeing.

What I didn’t like: Sam Rockwell was too over-the-top as Justin Hammer. It reminded me of some of the excesses in the Batman movies before the Christian Bale reboot.

Not crazy about the Don Cheadle for Terrence Howard trade for Rhodey. Cheadle was just OK. No chemistry with Tony.

Pepper was too bitchy. She should be businesslike but fun, too.

What I did like: Mickey Rourke was just as good and menacing as I thought he’d be as Whiplash (actually more of the Crimson Dynamo character in the comic books). More Mickey would have helped.

Robert Downey Jr. has Tony Stark  down pat. Shoot, in a lot of ways, he is Tony Stark, what with his own demons.

Scarlett Johansson was really good as Natalie/Natasha/Black Widow. She kicked some major ass and looked good (and believable) doing it.

But most of all, I really liked Garry Shandling as the senator. Nice, controlled turn by one of my favorites.

Like I said, it was good – they blowed stuff up real good – but it could have and should have been much better.


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