To Sleep, Perchance to Dream …

Now Playing: Tom Rush’s version of The Circle Game (written by Joni Mitchell): “And the seasons they go round and round; And the painted ponies go up and down; We’re captive on the carousel of time; We can’t return we can only look behind; From where we came; And go round and round and round; In the circle game.”

There it was – the most beautiful piece of pepperoni pizza I can ever remember seeing. I couldn’t wait to tear into it. I picked it up, leaned into it and … beep! beep! beep!

Ugh. The damn alarm clock. The pizza vanished. My hunger didn’t.

I don’t sleep well. Rarely does my alarm go off. Even more rarely do I remember my dreams. This one stuck with me, though, for some reason. It was so vivid I swear I could even smell the food.

I told Karen about later this morning. She says maybe I’m really close to something I really want, but it’s just out of reach. Could be. She’s very wise. And I’ve got a lot of resumes/proposals out there waiting for a bite.

Or I could just be hungry for pizza. Which is pretty much always. It’s my favorite food. And though I usually gravitate toward veggie pizzas, I do love pepperoni, too.

As I struggled through the morning, I finally found a positive, though. I figure that since I woke up before I could eat the pizza, I’ve got about 60-75 carbs in the bank for the rest of the day. So I can splurge on the rest of my meals.

I don’t know what the dream meant. But I’m glad I had it. And I’m glad I still have them.

“Mama don’t you worry, Night’s approachin,’ There’s a hole in heaven, Where some sin slips through, Just close your eyes and dream real steady, Maybe just a little will spill on you. Dark don’t lie, Dreams come true, Could be a few will see you through.” – Townes Van Zandt, Cowboy Junkies Lament


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