Better friends I could not have

Now Playing: Night Flight, by Led Zeppelin. “I received a message from my brother across the water; He sat laughin’ as he wrote the end’s in sight; So I said goodbye to all my friends; And packed my hopes inside a matchbox; ‘Cause I know it’s time to fly.”

Today’s topic is social media. I came pretty late to the party, convinced that it was pretty much a time-waster – not that I’m opposed to that. I was doing it mainly to be young and hip for potential employers. As for really embracing it, no thanks. You seen my cynical thoughts about creating Anti-Social Media.

All I can say is this: Boy am I stupid.

Here’s why. I’ve always had good friends, but I’ve probably never been a very good friend. I’ve never kept up too well with the people and places I’ve left behind, preferring more to live in the present. (This was driven home to me this weekend when I responded to a request from an old high school friend who wanted addresses for an upcoming 35th reunion that, against the odds, I think I’m going to. After I gave her mine, she asked if knew any others. I didn’t. Didn’t even come close.)

Anyway I’ve reconnected through Facebook with a lot of folks from my stops along the way to the suburbs of Indian Trail. And it felt pretty good, I must admit it. Even for a private guy who doesn’t let too many folks inside.

But this weekend, something happened that made me really appreciate old and new friends alike. My mother-in-law – the only parent of any kind that I have left – had her third heart attack Saturday night. We got word about midnight. Let me say right here that Karen talked to Mimi (not her real name, but one she prefers the kids use instead of grandma) yesterday and she’s doing really well, likely will get out of the hospital the middle of this week. But I didn’t know that when I posted a few cryptic lines about her yesterday.

The response was unbelievable. Friends from all over – one living in the UK whom I literally haven’t seen in more than 30 years – were sending me best wishes and Good Thoughts. It was so great hearing the concern and love from my friends. It meant a great deal to Karen, the kids, the kats and me.

I really appreciate Social Media now. I’m not worried anymore about being young and hip. And I’ll try to be better friend. But I’ll probably still fall short of being as good a friend to others as my fantastic friends are to me.

But know that I love you all.

The sea was wet as wet could be, The sands were dry as dry. You could not see a cloud, because No cloud was in the sky: No birds were flying overhead – There were no birds to fly. _ Lewis Carroll, The Walrus and the Carpenter



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2 responses to “Better friends I could not have

  1. Amy

    You shouldn’t ever worry about being young and hip – just be yourself and let others worry about the category.

    Your past friends and acquaintances are looking forward to seeing you again. I don’t remember anything bad about you at all.

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