The words of the prophets …

Now Playing: Can’t Stop Worrying, Can’t Stop Loving, by Dave Mason.
“The scenery’s changed but my feelings remain; Laughter and pain and love is still the same; Something worth having doesn’t come too easily; A man needs the challenge or a man couldn’t be.”

No, they’re not written on subway walls or tenement halls. They don’t even echo the sounds of silence.

These words come from television. That’s right. I said television. I recently heard some real wisdom coming from the boob tube. And, of course, have heard it repeatedly. Because they are part of a commercial. In fact, they may challenge for the crown of the most insightful thing ever said on television.

The previous unchallenged champion of television wisdom was uttered on The Beverly Hillbillies, one of my all-time favorites (particularly the earlier episodes). They were said after the Clampetts invited Banker Drysdale to eat supper with them. When he learned they were having mustard greens and possum innards, he refused, saying he’d come back tomorrow. That’s when Jed uttered these immortal words of wisdom: “That’s the thing about mustard greens and possum innards. They’s just as good the second day.”

Who can debate that?

But now there’s a serious challenger from the H&R Block commercials about Isis, who did her taxes using a popular software (not the one put out by H&R Block, by the way) and took them in to the Blockheads, who found a $2,000 error (which either says something about Isis or tax software). Anyway, during the commercial, she says these immortal words: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

There it is. That’s wisdom, and I’m being completely serious. Think about it.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” That could become my new signature line.

Or not.


“I sell gasoline, I make a small profit. With that I buy groceries. The grocer makes a profit. We call it earning a living. You may have heard of it somewhere.” – Jeff Bailey (played by the great Robert Mitchum), “Out of the Past.”


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