I hate bananas … and lots of other stuff

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I hate bananas, and the rest of the world loves them. It’s not so much the taste. It’s the smell … and the consistency. Back in the day, when I was running a newsroom in Eastern North Carolina, I once forbid reporters and fellow editors from throwing banana peels in newsroom trash cans. Why? They draw fruit flies, for heaven’s sake. Anyway, my minions got me back. The hid banana peels under my chair, desk, table. It was disgusting getting rid of them – the peels, not the people. What really pains me about hating bananas is that I know Elvis loved them.

Thinking about bananas got me to thinking about other things I hate that most people don’t (One of my favorite sayings to Karen, when she says most people would do this or that in some situation, is: Honey, I’m not like most people. It drives her crazy, of course.).

This is just a partial list, by the way:

Tom Hanks. I know, he’s a nice guy. Everybody loves his movies. But not me. I took an instant dislike to him in “Splash,” when all he could do was whine about Darryl Hannah being a mermaid. Wake up, dude! That’s Darryl Hannah. Stop the whining. (By the way, I think her greatest role was Elle Driver in the Kill Bill movies.) To me, he hasn’t changed since. Always whiney. Don’t like him. Don’t watch his movies. (One exception: Philadelphia, mostly because I do like Denzel.)

Star Wars. Saw the original. Not only didn’t like it very much but felt like it ruined science fiction movies for years, maybe decades. I do like Darth Vader, though not enough to care about his back story.

Indiana Jones. Just stupid, to me. (And believe me, I do like me some stupid movies.)

The Eagles. Actually, before “One of These Nights,” they were OK. And even that LP has a gem – “Take It to the Limit.”

Nirvana. Don’t get it. (This was the first of many popular music signs that I was getting old.)

The whole gangster TV/movie thing. The Godfather was pretty good, but that pretty much filled me up forever in that genre.

Queen. Particularly Bohemian Rhapsody.

Coach K. Need I say more?

Peace. (Coming tomorrow: There’s stuff I like …)

“I went to church incognito
When everybody rose the Reverend Smithy
He recognized me and punched me in the nose.”
_ “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” Alice Cooper



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2 responses to “I hate bananas … and lots of other stuff

  1. Amy

    You have company in the “I don’t like bananas” group. I like the taste, but not much else about that particular fruit.

  2. See, I always knew you were wise, not matter what Howard Suit said!

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