They really think outside the box

Now playing: “Castle Walls,” by Dirt Road 14. (I’d never heard of it either, but it’s pretty cool.)

You’ve heard it. It’s all the rage these days in corporate speak, replacing the ubiquitous term “solutions-provider.” All companies these days seem to want to “think outside the box.” And maybe they do.

Except when it comes to hiring. I know. I’m looking for a job.

And as a journalist, I’ve had to think outside the box. Not too many publications hiring these days, you know.

I’ve sent a lot of resumes out since the New Year started – many for jobs I’ve never done before. I haven’t gotten a lot of responses back, but many of the ones I have gotten  have decried my “lack of experience in the field,” which I’ve acknowledged in cover letters along with explanations of why I believe the experience I do have would translate to the new venture.

Do I understand their point? Sure. It takes a leap of faith, it takes really looking outside the box and willing to understand that “the way we’ve always done things” isn’t necessarily the right way to do things. Obviously, I’m not seeing a lot of that.

For all the talk of thinking outside the box, the only real evidence I’ve seen of it lately has come from my three cats. And that’s mainly stinking outside the box.

“Whoa I am just a vagabond, a drifter on the run
the eloquent profanity, it rolls right off my tongue
And I have dined in palaces, drunk wine with kings and queens
But darlin’, oh darlin’, you’re the best thing I ever seen”

_ “Roll Um Easy,” Lowell George (Little Feat)


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