Nothing Needs Doing Today Anyway

Now playing: March Madness (taking a lunch break from reporting and writing)

That’s what I told my friend Randy on Facebook this morning. Randy, who is 50, went to the hospital Monday to have a stent put in his chest (he already has one). The doctors actually put three in and found three more blockages that will need stents. Yikes.

Anyway, Randy went home Wednesday, and he seems to be doing OK, according to his Facebook posts and those of his really outstanding wife, Deanna, truly one of the nicest humans on this earth. (Randy’s a good guy, a former photographer at one of the newspapers I once worked for, but he can be – how should I put this – crotchety. But understand this: I think the world of him, he’s a standup guy.)

This morning, he posted that he wasn’t feeling very well and that he was going to go back to bed. That’s when I made my comment. “Nothing needs to get done today anyway.”

That’s true for Randy, of course, but more true for the rest of us than we think. Yes, I’m working on three pieces right now, and stuff should and will get done today on them. Every day I make a list of things I plan to do. Usually I do them, when life doesn’t get in the way.

But all too often, we seem to put too much pressure on ourselves to get too many things done. The heck with that. The world puts enough stuff on our backs.

I’m working today, though.  And I’ll bet before the day’s over, Deanna will have to hold Randy back from doing something he ought not be doing. And she’s the one person who can do it. I hope Randy lets life get in the way.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius


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