Some cure is better than none

Now Playing: Fiona Apple’s version of “Across the Universe.” Which I’m not crazy about.

I saw yesterday on Facebook that an old friend/acquaintance had joined/become a fan of a group called “I Will Not Comply.” As a contrarian, I found the name interesting, though the logic of joining a group to celebrate noncompliance sort of escapes me.

Then I clicked and found out what “I Will Not Comply” was – a front for an anti-health-care-reform outfit (which seems to oppose pretty much everything government does except for wage war). The group’s real name ought to be “We got ours, and you don’t.” That applies to health insurance, jobs, education, etc.

My response to my friend/acquaintance’s post was “Suit yourself.”

Is the current reform package a good one? Hell, I don’t know. But look at the system as it is and tell me something doesn’t need to be done. It’s a mess. The physicians, hospitals and insurance companies are all complaining, but it’s the people who have to get health care that are doing the suffering.

Interlude: “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio,” by Joni Mitchell. That’s better. “If there’s no good reception for me, Then turn me out, ’cause honey who needs the static; It hurts the head, And you wind up cracking and the day goes dismal … “

Back to business with a quick example (and I’m sure you all have them): I was taking 50 mg of a medicine twice a day. My insurance company refused to fill the prescription. They wanted the doctor to order 100 mg once a day. It was cheaper for them. My doc said that wasn’t the most effective way to take it. But he changed the script and told me to cut the pills in half.

Is this anyway to run an airline? Does it sound like a system that needs preserving?

Will the proposed reform be any better? I don’t know. But something has to change. And soon. Them that ain’t got can’t take much more. And shouldn’t have to.

And if Rush Limbaugh leaves the U.S. in the bargain, so much the better.

We’ll all be healthier for it.

“Money, you’ve got lots of friends
Crowding round the door
When you’re gone, spending ends
They don’t come no more.”

– God Bless the Child, Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog Jr.


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