Who Will Win the Tourney?

Now playing: Nothing, the only noises are the family, my kitties and the dull roar of the selection show on CBS.

First impression: Kansas got screwed. It’s the top seed and should have gotten the easiest region. It didn’t. Michigan State, Georgetown and Ohio State are all tough. Real tough. Kansas is the best team (and Georgetown and Ohio State will play before Kansas would face either), but that’s a tough region for a down year in college basketball.

Syracuse got moved to the West region but got a pretty decent draw. I think they make it to the Final Four pretty easy.

Kentucky got a pretty good draw, but I bet they don’t make it. Just got a feeling about this one, but Texas might take ’em. I like Marquette and, believe it or not, Wisconsin in that region.

The dookies got their usual cake assignment. Even the nimrods on CBS thought they got seeded too highly. Even Seth Davis, who usually pimps pretty hard for them. As I predicted, they got Purdue in their bracket. Purdue’s best player is out for the year with a knee injury. But I think Louisville has a shot at knocking them out in the first weekend, and Villanova ain’t skeered.

Final Four: Kansas, Syracuse, Marquette and Villanova. Championship game: Syracuse-Villanova. Champ: The ‘Cuse.

I wouldn’t mind that.


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