Why can’t we let people have fun?

Blogging as I listen to “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing” by Buffalo Springfield.
Why can’t we lighten up and let others have fun?
Was greeted this a.m. on Facebook by a friend and friends of a friend griping about Maryland’s fans rushing the court last night after beating the dookies. Then saw Rick Reilly (overrated) bitching about it too on ESPN. And none of them wanted the dookies to win, they were just offended by college kids celebrating a big win. “Act like you been there before,” one said. “You’ve won an NCAA championship,” Reilly pitched in.
Another proposed that the NCAA give schools a warning and them forfeit wins the second time kids storm the court. “Someone could get hurt,” he said.
Maybe so. But I’ve got a better idea. Let people celebrate and have fun. The world’s too damn hard otherwise.
Hey, Reilly, know when Maryland won the NCAA title. IT WAS IN 2002. How many of those fans last night were there then?
As for the danger, had I rushed the court when I was in college, it wouldn’t have even been in the top 20 dangerous things I did.
Most of the people bitching were sportswriters, who tend to be the biggest killjoys in the world this side of the International Olympic Committee. The same sportswriters who want every athlete to retire at 35, if not earlier, to preserve their heritage.

Interlude: Bonnie Raitt’s singing “Women Be Wise” now. We’re talking blues here.

But back to sportswriters. They want every boxer to retire lest they be Muhammad Ali, every quarterback to quit so he won’t be Y.A. Tittle, every center fielder to go so he won’t “disgrace” himself like Willie Mays.
Hey people, ever think these folks might enjoy playing, even at a lower level and despite the risks involved?
Lighten up, Francis!

And women be wise, keep your mouth shut, don’t advertise your man…


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  1. Is it against the rules to comment on your own blog? Good. I'll do it then. I don't believe players are in danger from fans unless they start pushing and scowling and screaming – like the guys from Kentucky when Little Carolina beat them.

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